Annual Accounts/Policy Documents

Neighbourhood Plan

Following the December 2021 referendum,  the Neighbourhood Plan has been formally adopted. 

You can see a copy of the plan here:

Hammerwich neighbourhood plan – made version


The annual accounts submitted to the external auditor, internal auditor reports and details of the public’s right to view the accounts can be found here:


Completion Notice 2022_23

Hammerwich Parish Council – Audited AGAR 2022_23

Pre External Audit AGAR

Internal Audit Report 2022-23

HPC 2022-23 Accounts FINAL

Summary of Public Rights

Exercise of Public Rights 2022-23



Completion Notice (1)

Hammerwich Parish Counci F3 AGAR 2021_22 AUDITED (1)

Pre External Audit AGAR

public rights

HPC 2021-22 Accounts FINAL

Exercise Public Rights 21-22



Hammerwich Parish Council – audited AGAR 2020-21

Hammerwich Parish Council AGAR 2020.21

Exercise Public rights

Public Rights Information

Explanation for variances Bank Rec 2021

Bank Rec 2021



Hammerwich Parish Council – AGAR P3 2019_20 AUDITED

Internal Auditor Report 2020

Public Rights Notice Additional Info

Annual Accounts 19.20 and Public Rights Documentation



2018/19 Public Inspection Notice and Annual Accounts Information



Annual Accounts 2017.18

Audit notice and External Auditor Comments


CIL Financial Report submitted to Lichfield District Council can be found here:

Hammerwich Neighbourhood CIL Annual Report 2022-2023

Hammerwich Neighbourhood CIL Annual Report 2021-2022

Hammerwich Neighbourhood CIL Annual Report 2019-2020


Policy Documents approved by the Council can be found here:

Co-opt Procedure

Financial Regulations July 2019 – HPC – ratified May 2023

Hammerwich Parish Council Risk Register 2023-24 – ratified May 2023

Model Standing Orders HPC – ratified May 2023

HPC Grant Policy – approved 15 November 2023

Grant_Application_Form – HPC


Ward Maps are available here:

Triangle Ward

Pool Ward

Hammerwich Ward_compressed